Thursday, 5 April 2012

unforgettable first sight ...

' True Love only happens once in a lifetime, as they say first love never dies. One could fall in and out of love many times in their lives but the magic that first love brings will always have a special place in our hearts making it unforgettable and a lifetime memory to cherished for ' ....

first love? i think everyone have this experience even we have our man now.. its not wrong but sometimes it will hurt the others side.. hehe :) to me, its not easy to forget someone that we really love.. its hard you know.. and maybe it will take a long time to forget them. i try to keep away from you but since i am here i feel you are so close to me.. i hate this situation ! yeah i know we have met for a few times but actually i don't like it because i feel uneasy with you.. im shy and i still remember the way you looked at me from the side mirror .. the way you talked to me. oh my God .. i hate that you know. please go away from my life.. i already have someone else who are always there for me. thanks 990 (:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm new here

Hi I'm suhafah, just call me sue. i'm new here :) . thanks to Aliya Razak and Ungku aween coz u guys banyak tolong buat blog niee. love ya. my final starts on 2nd April - 13rd April. hurmmphh, so nervous. it's quite hard because i dont have basic in sciences subject but i will try my best. wish me luck guys. after this, im going to kg baru.. 'nok makang nasi ikang singgang + budu + ikan rebus goreng kat kg baru" heeee.